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Greetings, reader. I suppose I should say “readers” but no point in being overly optimistic about such things.

The name’s Bond.  Underbond.  A trite joke, yes, but one that was going to be made sooner or later, so I might as well get it out of the way immediately.

The inspiration for this blog was an article in the UK publication The Register, wherein Overstock Inc. CEO Patrick Byrne publicly offered a total of $75,000 for promotion of Mark Mitchell’s treatise on stock market conspiracies entitled “Deep Capture”.

Simply stated, I want a piece of that money.

Now, that said, I do not promise to be glowing in my commentary about Mitchell’s work. In fact, from the few sections that I have scanned I find it to contain some quite atrocious writing for someone who has held a prominent editorial position.

Indeed, I do not even promise to be fair in my assessment of the piece. As the Patrick Byrne himself has illustrated, what can be deemed “fair and balanced” one day can be ripped as “crap” the next. That said, Mr. Byrne seems to be firm in the belief that all publicity is good publicity, and therefore fully expect that any possible bias on my part will be set aside when judging its promotional value to Mitchell’s work.

This journey into the Heart of Deepness will not be a swift one. The piece in question is broken up into no fewer than 82 sections, not counting the introduction from Byrne himself, and I have no intention of proceeding at a pace greater than one a week, a pace that would bring me to the end of the work sometime in early 2010.

Truth be told, this is a journey I do not expect to complete. Not because of the intervention of some Russian mobster or, for that matter, the wrath of the state of Utah coming down on my head for questioning their favorite son. No, in that length of time I fully expect the situation to have changed in some way — exactly what way I cannot be certain — that will render this effort moot.

But I have been wrong before on matters of that sort. So let’s go and see what’s out there.


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