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Oh dear oh dear oh dear

This week’s section is another short one mostly occupied by Mitchell transcribing the words of America’s favorite bipolar financial gnome, Jim Cramer.  Mitchell does a pretty half-assed job of setting it up, so allow me.  It was December 22, 2006, and Cramer — prepare to be shocked — is on a rant.  In fact he’s complaining about how easy it is to plant stories, positive or negative as the case may be, with “bozo reporters” and drive stocks any which way.  Or just possibly, as Mitchell suggests, advocating it.  Or both.  One can never be sure with Cramer.

Anyway, fast forward to March 2007 and someone posts the video — which despite Mitchell’s “semi-private” (whatever that means) labelling was in fact quite publicly available — on YouTube.

The press covered it rather extensively in that moment in time as Cramer went public to explain himself.  And then the whole story got dropped in the recycling bin, where Mitchell fished it out.

But hey, why am I talking about it when I can harness the power of these here Intertubes and just show you what this is all about?  Here you go:

Next week: We enter new territory, into parts of Deep Capture to which time, even the relatively few months that have passed, has been less than kind.


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